Rizhao Golden Nut Group

1. Rizhao Golden Nut Cereals and Oils Co.,Ltd.
Add: N0. 201 Wei Fang Road, Rizhao Hi-Tech Industry Zone,
Rizhao ,Shandong Province,China
Tel: 0086-633-3936885 Fax: 0086-633-8268333
E-mail: nut@188.com

2. Best Food Co.
Add: 6F Rong AnBuilding ,Middle of Beijing Road Rizhao ,
Shandong ,China
Tel:0086-633-3936888 Fax:0086-633-3311916
E-mail: nut@188.com

3. Rizhao Golden Nut Trade Co., Ltd.
Add: Wei Fang Road, Rizhao Hi-Tech Industry Zone,
Rizhao, Shandong Province ,China
Tel: 0086-633-3936885 Fax:0086-633-8268333
E-mail: nut@188.com

4. Shandong Golden Nut Group Co.,Ltd.
Add: 6F Rong An Building ,Middle of Beijing Road,Rizhao,
Shandong Province, China
Tel:0086-633-3936888 Fax:0086-633-3311916

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